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When you need tree care from a team of experts, you need Upscale Tree Works. Tree care and maintenance boost your property’s curb appeal and protect you from potential tree accidents. Whether you need regular tree pruning or a stump grinding company to remove that stubborn stump in your lawn, we can help. 

Our tree care experts can help you with your tree care and removal needs, excavation work, lot clearing, and more. Contact us for your tree services today!

Our Services

Maintaining and caring for trees will help you enjoy their aesthetic and ecological benefits. Even though it’s tempting, undertaking tree care services yourself is dangerous because of impending safety risks.

At Upscale Tree Works, we love trees and have industry knowledge and expertise in caring for them. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include:

#1 Commercial and Residential Tree Company

Our tree experts live and work within the community. We understand your tree care needs and easily customize our services to keep your property beautiful and full of healthy trees and landscaping.

We provide our services to commercial and residential property owners. We can help you whether you want tree services on-site or need a tree management plan or advice from our experienced arborists. We also work on diverse projects that range from large-scale building site excavation to residential retaining walls and landscaping projects.

At Upscale Tree Works, we understand the importance of trees in our environment. That is why we use modern horticultural practices and industry-leading tools to provide tree services to our clients while keeping the environment safe. Our skilled and experienced staff prioritize health and safety on every job. 

We also recognize that tree care services can become expensive to property owners. Excellent tree service shouldn’t break the bank! We always provide a clear and honest quote before we start work, and we keep our prices competitive and cost-efficient. 

Even after finishing the project, we will follow up on our work to monitor the progress of your tree care and maintenance because we value every project and each client. 

Contact Upscale Tree Works for Tree Care Services in Rensselaer County

Well-kept trees make your property beautiful and relaxing. If you want to sell your property, having trees raises your property’s value depending on the trees’ breed, age, and maintenance level. We can help you achieve that! Our experienced team knows everything there is to know about the foliage native to New York, and we put in the time and effort to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Are you looking for reliable tree services in Rensselaer, Albany, and Columbia counties? Upscale Tree Works can help your trees remain healthy, productive, and beautiful! Please call us at 518-466-1222 to find out how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

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