Land Clearing

Land Clearing in Rensselaer County

Are you planning to build a house or start a construction project? Land clearing is the first crucial step to clear unwanted vegetation to give you room to build.

At Upscale Tree Works, we offer specialized land clearing services in Rensselaer County and Albany and Columbia counties. We have the tools, equipment, and experience that make our work effective and fast to allow you to start on your project.

Hire Our Experienced Team for Lot Clearing and Land Clearing

We can help you keep your land in good shape to prepare for construction or simply help your yard thrive. Our services are all-inclusive to residential and commercial large-scale clients. 

Our residential services include removing trees, vegetation, or hedging to allow you to build a house exactly where you want it. We also offer large-scale site clearance services to property developers, utility companies, and the local government.

Our land clearing services will grade your site to your specifications. They include:                                            

  • Debris removal: Our experts provide eco-friendly residential, construction site, and yard waste removal services. 
  • Tree and brush removal: We can help you remove any annoying vegetation (undergrowth, shrubs, and bushes) on your property. We will also clear any unwanted stones and leave your property looking beautiful. 
  • Stump removal: We provide non-invasive stump grinding services and remove annoying stumps and roots from your land.
  • Land leveling: We can turn rocky, hilly terrain into a flat surface, ready for building or excavation.

Upscale Tree Works provides efficient and cost-effective land clearing services to contractors. Call us at 518-466-1222 to get a free quote!